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Welcome at Impulse4Business


Impulse4business offers Consulting, Project/ Program Management and Interim Management services in the area of: Performance and Margin Improvement, Governance & Risk Management, Process Improvement and Transformation and Change.


This Company is founded as a Small Sized Independent Service Provider, built around a network of Senior Talented Professionals in their area of expertise, who believe in selflessly helping their customer to Excell.


Professionals with an eye for people, quality, service, continuity and profitability. Who choose day in day out to help organizations in Continuously improving their performance, their margin and keep their implicit promises to their stakeholders.


Making a difference and co-creating a better world, takes passion, perseverence and discipline. That are the qualities that bring our professionals together.


We are bound around the creation of a positive impulse to help the business of our clients improve and excell.



We want to make the (your) world, together with you, a better place to be.




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